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What is the guarantee or warranty on Global Knives?Updated a year ago

GLOBAL Knives are hand made by experts in Japan to very high standards and exacting specifications from the finest materials.

What does "lifetime" guarantee mean?

A GLOBAL Knives Lifetime Guarantee is a guarantee valid for the lifetime of the actual product through normal use and wear and tear (not the lifetime of individual or business purchasing the product). Knives that are used every day in a professional kitchen, or those that are repeatedly sharpened, will naturally have a shorter lifespan than knives which are used more infrequently in the home.

Certain types of knives are normally used more frequently than others, for example, a Cooks Knife will be used far often more than a Cheese Knife. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that certain knife models will not last as long as others. It is for these very reasons that GLOBAL Knives South Africa is not able to accurately say just how long a knife should be guaranteed for and we will therefore use our careful discretion when evaluating any guarantee claim.

We offer a guarantee that reflects the quality and price level of our knives and we always do our best to use good judgement and many years of experience when assessing guarantee claims from our customers. The GLOBAL Knives lifetime guarantee is in place to assure all of our customers that any knives with genuine manufacturing faults will be replaced, or repaired within a reasonable time frame (at our discretion).

GLOBAL Knives South Africa reserves the right to reject any claims for knives that have been obviously mistreated or are old and have clearly reached the end of their useful lives through repeated re-sharpening or normal wear and tear - i.e. We can only guarantee GLOBAL Knives against manufacturing defects for a lifetime of normal use.

A guarantee claim for a genuine manufacturing defect must be as a result of normal use of the knife as directed by the manufacturer. From experience we know that most genuine manufacturing faults tend to reveal themselves within a year or two. We urge you to immediately report manufacturing defects to us when it becomes apparent.

Our guarantee does not cover the following:

  • Leaving your knives dirty after use resulting in staining, food build-up or discolouration
  • Knives coming into contact with corrosive or other harmful substances
  • Not being cleaned, dried and stored appropriately after use
  • Rust spots (avoidable by cleaning and drying directly after use) and chips in knife blades are not covered
  • Dropping the knife on a hard surface or any surface that may cause damage
  • Using a knife to cut or chop any non-food materials or to cut through frozen foods
  • Using knives to chop or cut bones or hard materials where they could chip or damage the blade
  • Using knives in any other manner that is not for food preparation (e.g. using knife point as a screwdriver, using knife to cut wire, throwing knife into wood)
  • Using the knife in any manner that could damage the cutting surface or handle (scraping, shaving, hammering with knife handle, etc)
  • Putting the knife in a dishwasher

The guarantee extends only to the original purchaser. We will ask for the original proof of purchase, so please retain this when purchasing.

Knife blade chips and broken knife tips can sometimes be repaired by re-sharpening. Please contact Customer Service if you have any questions or wish to make a claim.

MinoSharp Guarantee

MinoSharp products are considered "wear and tear" items, due to the nature of use and being worn down when in use. We supply the replacement parts (wheels, etc) for these product ranges. MinoSharp carries a standard 2-year guarantee covering manufacturing defects only, not wear and tear.

Benriner Guarantee

Benriner products carry a 2 year guarantee covering manufacturing defects for all products. Spare blades are available to purchase for most items.

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