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What is the difference between a Chinese-style Chopper and a Cleaver?Updated a year ago

The G-49 Chinese Chopper:

These rectangular knives, referred to in Chinese as "Caidao" are multipurpose knives and are literally used for everything in China. Chinese people and chefs use these knives in the same way that Western chef's use Western style chef's knives. These knives will be typically used to prepare all kinds of meat and fish. This is typically the only knife that a Chinese chef will use. Whilst the Chinese chef's knife resembles a cleaver, it does in fact have a sharp thin blade like a standard G series knife.

The G-49 is a typical Chinese "Caidao" knife with a 2.2mm blade and if used as a traditional cleaver for very heavy chopping, the blade will usually get damaged. Different parts of the blade are used for different tasks with the front of the blade used for a tapping cutting stroke, the middle and back of the knife for heavier chopping work. Whilst it may seem unusual, those skilled with these types of blades can use them for any kitchen task.

The G-12 Meat Cleaver:

Global knives are supposed to be refined, delicate instruments for preparing food to exact specifications.... not the G-12 Meat Cleaver. It has one real purpose, to smash through bones to cut up portions of meat. The Global meat cleaver features a longer blade and thicker steel than ordinary G range knives to handle the repeated blows of going through bone and onto a hard cutting surface. Compared to most Global knives, it is the only knife which should be swung down like a hammer. Useful for preparing cuts of chicken, creating lamb chops or spare ribs. You can also use one of these knives for particularly heavy vegetables like butternut squash or pumpkin, where a smaller knife might get stuck.

The G-12 also comes with a traditional hole in the blade to be hung on hook above a butcher's table.

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