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Learn more about GLOBAL knives and what makes them so special

Help! I'm not sure where to start?

If you could only get one knife for your kitchen, then invest in the quality multi-purpose Global G-2 Cook's Knife!. It can do almost anything that you need in the kitchen with its multi-purpose, 20cm blade. The G-2 cook's knife (also called a chef's

What is fluting on a blade for?

The fluted edge (ground away hollows) stop pieces of the vegetables getting stuck to the blade, the ground away areas (fluting) collects pockets of air in the fluted area of the knife as you are cutting through, which stops the vegetables from sticki

What is the difference between the various series of Global knives? (G, GS, GF, GSF, SAI)

G - Large (Hollow Handle). The G Series consists of larger knives in the Classic collection made from a three-piece construction. Firstly, the handle is made from two identical pieces which is welded together and polished - making a hollow handle. Th

What is the Global Knives "Classic" range?

The G-Series of Global knives is the so called "Classic" collection of larger, longer bladed knives with weighted hollow handles, used for general food preparation. All G-Series knives are made in two parts with the blade and the handle being welded

What is an "Oriental" style knife?

The attractive kink in the blade give these knives the so called 'oriental' styling, but this design bears no real meaning to the actual function of the knife. These knives are not designed specifically for oriental food, or oriental ways of using a

What is the difference between a Chinese-style Chopper and a Cleaver?

The G-49 Chinese Chopper:. These rectangular knives, referred to in Chinese as "Caidao" are multipurpose knives and are literally used for everything in China. Chinese people and chefs use these knives in the same way that Western chef's use Western

What is a Santoku knife best used for?

Santoku is a Japanese word meaning 'three ways' and is used to describe the three cutting tasks that the knife is designed to do: slicing, dicing and mincing. The shape of the knife makes it brilliant for Western style cooking as the blade is flat, d

What is a fully forged knife?

The Global Forged range is a stronger and heavier range. Fully forged means the knife is made from one, solid piece of high quality steel and is hammered and shaped into a knife with the handle and the blade being one and the same piece of metal. Thi

What is the difference between Chef's knives and Cook's knives?

The differences between a Chef's knife and a Cook's knife are subtle and the two terms are often used interchangeably. Many knife brands call their knives Chef's knives without really making any distinction between the knives. The Chef's knife is pro

What is CROMOVA-18 stainless steel and what makes it special?

CROMOVA 18 is a special type of high-carbon stainless steel, produced only by Yoshikin in Japan and is proprietary to Global knives. The metal has a special mixture of Chromium (CRO), Molybdenum (MO) and Vanadium (VA). The exact combination is a trad

What makes Global knives special?

Hand-crafted in Japan. Still crafted by hand in Yoshikin’s factory in Niigata, Japan, Global knives are manufactured to extremely high and exacting standards and are not simply mass produced by machines. Each knife is hand made and sharpened so you c

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