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What is the Global Knives "Classic" range?Updated a year ago

The G-Series of Global knives is the so called "Classic" collection of larger, longer bladed knives with weighted hollow handles, used for general food preparation. 

All G-Series knives are made in two parts with the blade and the handle being welded together. The blade itself is made of CROMOVA 18, Global's special blend of Molybdenum Vanadium steel, which makes the knife blade hard, compared to European style blades and able to retain a decent edge for a long time because of the higher carbon content of the stainless steel. 

Global's special feature though is that the knife blades are carefully ground down to a very acute angle (15 Degrees) down the face of each side of the blade, rather than having a beveled edge.

This feature is how Global knives are renowned for being so sharp and for staying sharp for such a long time. Global were one of the first Japanese knife brands to expand outside of Japan and have built up a cult following over time. The Global brand is well recognised for its quality, unique design and functional products, loved by both home cooks and professionals.

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