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What is the difference between Chef's knives and Cook's knives?Updated 10 months ago

The differences between a Chef's knife and a Cook's knife are subtle and the two terms are often used interchangeably. Many knife brands call their knives Chef's knives without really making any distinction between the knives.

The Chef's knife is probably the more well-known term for these types of multi-purpose knives, but there are some slight differences between Global Chef's knives and Global Cook's knives.

  • The Global Cook's knife style has a slightly different blade end to the Global Chef's knife. 
  • The Global Chef’s knife has a more rounded and pronounced angle at the end of the knife, sloping down towards the tip of the blade. 
  • The Global Cook's knife has a more elongated tip with a less of a curve towards the tip. 
  • As one might expect, Global Chef’s knives are generally suitable for professional chefs and feature a more durable construction with the forged models, designed to be used day in day out in a commercial kitchen (but of course can be used in the home).
  • Global Chef’s knives come several models with larger sizes (20cm and up) and are available in Forged versions with solid metal construction of handle and blade, making the knife more robust.
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